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Is Your Brand Digital Marketing Ready?

Is Your Brand Digital Marketing Ready?

Is Your Brand Digital Marketing Ready?

Let’s skip the chase and come to the point here – It is increasingly becoming difficult for brands to retain attention of their customer base. The reason? Short attention span (thanks to our social media induced behavioural pattern) and decreased loyalty.

Today, if you put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you’ll quickly realize the amount of noise you have to experience even before getting through to your brand’s message. Yes, the internet has transformed into one noisy place and the chatter won’t be going away anytime soon!

So amidst all the cluttered noises including endless social media strategies which tells you about the ‘best way’ to increase your followers, take a moment to re-evaluate your current standing in front of your customers and process the following factors first –

  • What is your brand trying to achieve? (Basic, right)
  • Are your ‘audience’ engaging with your posts? (By audience, we don’t mean random people on the internet liking your updates; and by engagement, we don’t mean random paid likes)
  • What measures are you taking towards tackling grievances or sensitive situations that puts your brand in a negative light? (*hint* deleting posts to delete comments isn’t the smartest thing to do)
  • Is your Digital Marketing team in sync with your overall marketing team?

Now that you’ve understood what answers we are trying to find here, let’s look at each of the factors carefully –

The brand message

It’s perhaps the first thing you have carefully chalked out with your core team after endless brainstorming sessions. So you know how crucial it is for your brand to reflect the ‘right message’ every time it communicates with your target audience. Now think of your social media presence as the carrier of your brand message. How would you refine it?

Are you going to only display your service strengths and offers that your customers can avail? Or are you willing to relay your brand message in-between interactive posts? It’s good to remember that great brands do not necessarily write about their greatness; rather, they show it! </p>

Engagement with your audience

Who really are your audience? If your services are only available in let’s say, North-East India, there isn’t much value added if all of your social media engagements are from rest of India. Not that you should avoid interactions from people who you aren’t reaching out to currently, but your primary goal should be to ensure your visibility of your updates and your overall presence among people who can avail your services; in this case, North-East.

Dealing with negative feedback

Here is something that every entity wants to avoid, especially in social media. We all have been witnesses to how negative feedback can turn ugly if mishandled or (let’s hope not) you have a rival chip on your shoulder who is interested in fuelling bad publicity in your direction. Drama much?

As much as we dislike it, we cannot part ways with those nasty comments which has the potential to eat up your reputation, one review at a time. So where do you run from it? Or not. Nothing speaks of transparency as clearly as addressing those negative feedback, which concerns your actual consumer base. Of course, you should be taking notes on what is it that your customers aren’t liking, and then re-build your image accordingly.

As far as, rumours and bad publicity is concerned, have a pre-defined protocol in place – this requires your social media team to anticipate the type of backlash that your brand is likely to face; based on the region, user-behaviour trends and the industry you belong to. In such cases, your tone while making any statement should be authoritative as well as humble; a critical blend of words.

Unsure of your social media contingency plan? Let us help you with it – Connect with us here.

Your overall marketing approach

A good marketing strategy always keeps each of its marketing mediums in sync – simple right? Apparently not. A good number of brands think of establishing their presence online, but not many consider it vital to their core marketing approach. The usual mind-set seems to be that of ‘maintaining’ a decent number of followers and update their audience with ‘posts’ in a regular interval. And speaking from experience, your presence should ideally command an impressive audience base. However, if your mantra is confined to only increasing your follower base, then you are missing out on scaling up your business for the next phase of digital evolution (*psst* it’s already begun).

“I may follow you if you entertain me, but I will not necessarily buy from you if you don’t give me a good enough reason – your average millennial customer"

Getting your marketing mix together with your digital presence is critical in this era. Let us help you assess the need for a proper digital marketing plan.

Tell us what you think of your digital presence – do you have a different perspective on reaching your audience in this digital era? Let’s talk!

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