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Dominate Your Market Using Advanced SEO And SMO Techniques

Dominate Your Market Using Advanced SEO And SMO Techniques

Dominate Your Market Using Advanced SEO And SMO Techniques

Any SEO agency will assure you that they will gain first page rankings on the major search engines. However, choosing an SEO agency post-Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update brings about new criteria. You have to watch out for certain “red flags”, especially agencies which promise thousands of links in months, without any regard for quality. Some other link building techniques that have been consigned to the “not-to-do” list are article spinning, placing articles in directories and multiple social bookmarking. In this scenario, how do you ensure that your website ranks well on the major search engines? You’re going to have to build links the hard way, and you need quality, useful and relevant content for that.

Content Development: Why Content is Your Vital Marketing Partner?

To help your brand identify, understand and engage with the best prospects, you need to have content that is interesting for the readers. The result of great content on your site and blog is significant uplifts in brand and network engagement and customer retention.

Are You In-line with Google’s Vision?

Specialist SEO services including market analysis, keyword research and professionally written copy are prerequisites of a good SEO and content strategy. On-page and off-page optimization follows. Also, a strong, branded social media presence where you can share relevant content is vital. Add social sharing links to your content so your readers are encouraged to share the content you have created. Most importantly, you will need to link your online portfolio to your Google + profile. Mainly because, Google Authorship verifies you as the author and this ensures that you are more trustable in the eyes of Google.

Social Media and the Usage of Creativity, Strategy and Analytics to Engage Your Audience

Agencies tend to treat social media just as they treat advertising. We choose an innovative, specialized approach to turn business objectives into reality in a creative and strategic manner, which is measurable. What else can we do? We can report what’s being said about your brand, improve the content on your social media channels and identify and reach key influencers to turn engagement into positive advocacy.

Don’t know where to start? We can help you with a full strategic SEO and social media route map that fits your needs.

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Zakti Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. has an in-house team of digital marketing and SEO analysts, who will help you rank your business on the first page of popular search engines sites such as Google.

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