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Running a successful business heavily relies on streamlining communication - and that starts with your mailbox. See for yourself, why you should get an upgrade.

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Full-featured Email

Perfect alternative to major mailing solutions at a much lower price; compatible with any mobile or desktop browser.

Powerful Collaboration

All collaboration tools at one place for both internal and external communication.

Team Workspaces

Get your team in sync with meetings, deadlines and upcoming projects right from your mailing platform.

Calendars & scheduling

Take your calendar experience to the next level with simplified management of meetings and events.

Industry-standard security

When it comes to business communication, reliability takes the front wheel. Never make the mistake of compromising here!


Your One-Stop Mailing Platform.

Full-featured Email

  • Robust HTML editor
  • Domain-level and custom signatures
  • Plus addressing for email organisation
  • Compliance footers and disclaimers

Powerful Collaboration

  • Organisational Calendars and Conference Rooms
  • Shared Contacts, Tasks and Notes
  • Group Chat for internal one to one text
  • Team Workspaces for internal or external team text

Team Workspaces

  • Group video conferencing
  • Task management
  • Password protected communication
  • Guest access for client communication

Calendars & scheduling

  • View Attendees with prior scheduling of conference rooms
  • Support for different time zones
  • Display start tasks and due dates
  • Default calendar view

Industry-standard security

  • Structured, multi-layered spam prevention
  • Anti-virus protection with Cyren Zero-hour Outbreak Detection add-on
  • Windows Defender integration
  • Virus quarantine (outgoing messages only)
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₹ 599 / user / yr


₹ 849 / user / yr


₹ 1,149 / user / yr

MailboxSize 5GB 10GB 25GB
SendingLimit 500 Email/hour 1000 Email/hour 1000 Email/hour
RecipientLimit 25 Recipient/Mail 50 Recipient/Mail 100 Recipient/Mail
AttachmentSize 25MB 25MB 25MB
EmailAlias 100 1000 Unlimited
EmailForwarders 100 1000 Unlimited
Mail Migration
Secure Mail Protocol
Mail Client Integration
Reports -
MailingList -
GroupList -

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